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TK Bearing Housing

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TK6204-108 Conveyor Roller Bearing Housing

TK6204-108 bearing housing for tube 108mm.

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TK6204-108 Bearing Housing Description :

Material:Pickled steel

Part Number:TK6204-108

Pdoduct type:bearing housing

Match bearing number:6204

Tube outer diameter:108 mm

Shaft diameter:20 mm

Bearing housing O.D.:103 mm

Upper Bore Dia.:47.1 mm

Bottom Bore Dia.:35 mm

Bearing Seat Dia.:47 mm

Deepness:42.5 mm

Thickness:2.5 mm

Conveyor Roller Bearing
Steel Conveyor Rollers

How to assemble TK6204-108 Conveyor Roller Bearing:

Protective cover

Metal cover

Male labyrinth seal

Femal labyrinth seal


Inner seal

Bearing end cap 

 TK6204-108 bearing housing assemble

TKII Bearing Housing Catalogue :

TKII bearing housing

Our Main Series: TK. TKII. TKIII.DTII. SOP

For Bearing: 6203. 6204. 6205. 6206. 6304. 6305. 6306. 6307. 6308. 6309. 6310. 6312

For Shaft: 20mm.25mm.30mm.35mm.40mm.45mm.50mm etc.

For Pipe: 63mm. 76mm. 102mm. 114mm. 152mm. 165mm. 176mm. 194mm. 219mm etc.


Belt Conveyor Roller Bearing Housing

Belt conveyor idler roller can used for mining industry equipment Belt Conveyor Idler Roller, Transportation.

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