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  • What is a Window Roller?
    • Jul , 28 2021

    Window Roller is a bearing with plastic coated roller can be used for doors and windows. Pulley bearings are deformation lever, which belongs to simple machinery of lever type and has a wide range of uses. It not only saves labor, but also changes the direction of force. The pulley whose central axis moves with the weight is called the movable pulley. It is a deformed unequal arm lever (labor-savi...

  • What is Application of Plastic Balls
    • Jul , 22 2021

    Different type of material plastic balls for different application . For PP plastic balls  With good resistance, chemical resistance, low density (density less than water), low water absorption, the highest melting point of the thermoplastic with excellent electrical insulator and low dielectric coefficient, often used for floating capacity requirements, withblood transfusion, level calibrati...

  • How Do Rod End Bearings Work?
    • Jul , 18 2021

    Rod end bearings ,rod end material are produce wit steel and zinc coated , with male or female thread ,the outer rings of bronze ,with sliding surface PTFE compos material ,maintenance -feee, the inner ring of carbin Chrome steel or stainless steel ,with spherical surface with chromium plating ,can bear with high load capacity are easy mounting and dismounting and merchanism . Rod end spherical pl...

  • What is the Composition of 420 Stainless Steel?
    • Jul , 14 2021

    SUS440C Stainless steel Material    Specification C Cr Mn Si P S Mo 0.95-1.20% 16-18% 1.0%Max 1.0%Max 0.04%Max 0.03%Max 0.75%Max Mechancial Properties Tensile Strength 285,000 psi Yield Strength 275,000 psi Density 0.277 Ibs/cu in Physical Property Corrosion resistance Fair Magnetic Yes Size Range 0.8mm  ( 1/32" )    to    63.5mm   ( 2-1/2" ) Hardness H...

  • What is the Difference Between Thrust Bearing and Ball Bearing?
    • Jul , 11 2021

    Thrust ball bearing (Three-Piece Thrust Bearings and Washersis only suitable for bearing one side axial load) Deep groove ball bearing is mainly used to bear pure radial load, also can bear radial and axial load at the same time The deep groove ball bearing has the advantages of small friction coefficient, high limit speed and simple structure, Thrust ball bearing is mainly composed of shaft ring,...

  • Are Blue Seal bearings any good?
    • Jul , 06 2021

    ZZ BEARINGS can produce with different color rubber seals color for you ,such as blue color ,red color and brown color . The most widely used color is black seals as below pictures . With different seal color ,the bearing quality are same ,just different customer will have different requirements . Such one of our custmoter want to replace old black bearing , to identify which one replace which on...

  • What is A Ball Thrust Bearing?
    • Jun , 30 2021

    Thrust Ball Bearings are consists of three parts: ball, retainer and both shaft and housing washers which contain grooves for the ball. The thrust ball bearing only can bear axial loads. For material of thrust ball bearing material ,we can produce with stainless steel 304 ,440 and Chrome steel Gcr15 . Application of thrust ball bearings can bear one side axial load and low speed, they can used for...

  • What Kind of Ball Bearing is 6201-2RS-1/2?
    • Jun , 28 2021

    The 6201-2RS-1/2 and 6201-ZZ-1/2 is bearing with inner diameter with  1/2 inch (12.7mm) ball bearing, the outer diameter and height are same as standard at 32mm and 10 mm . The  6201-1/2 bearings are with inner diameter 12.7mm ,we are produce with material Chrome steel Gcr15 , and we can produce with metal shield (ZZ)and rubber seal(2RS) ,you can choose as you need for. And we can produc...

  • How to Choose Stamped Ball Bearing
    • Jun , 27 2021

    How to choose stamping bearing Metal stamping bearing play an important role for mechanical foundation parts,there bearings can widely used in various fields. Do you know how to choose a good stamping bearing, below here are some tips for you : 1. Bearing working speed: the bearing with small friction and less heat is suitable for high speed. we shall choose a stamped bearing have a smoo...

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